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I love Pastor Brett and Pastor Linda. They are both so welcoming to everyone. The sermons are fantastic. I come away feeling refreshed. It’s wonderful seeing the young families. The worship team is fantastic! Love my Freedom Church.
LouAnn Bakken Wimp testimonials image
LouAnn Bakken Wimp
I love that the pastors make an effort to get to know you and find ways to make you feel included in the church. The praise music always lifts me up and sermons seem to speak to me just when I need them the most. It's a very homey church with down-to-earth people and the motorcycle rides are a bonus:-)
Lucy O'Grady testimonials image
Lucy O'Grady
I am a somewhat "honorary" member/visitor... and I like the fellowship, scheduled lunch/rides. The friendly atmosphere as you walk in and are greeted with love. I enjoy getting a deeper knowledge of Jesus and the Word of God along with the music flowing in your heart and soul!
Kimmey Sue Henrichsen testimonials image
Kimmey Sue Henrichsen
I love there is no judgement and everyone is welcome.
Nancy Tindall testimonial image
Nancy Tindall
Every one is a loving family no matter if you are a member or a visitor. The messages are real and not made up. I learn something new all the time. I love they have children's church as well. The pastors, staff and band are awesome. God is an awesome God.
Collette Strop testimonials image
Collette Strop
"IT IS WELL--WITH MY SOUL"--these words hold so much meaning, as I walk into Freedom Motorcycle Church each week. The worship + the sermon + the fellowship + family in Christ=LOVE.
Stephanie Misemer testimonials image
Stephanie Misemer
I love the biblical teaching, the people, fellowship, our prayer group, our rides and lunches, our ministries. All in all this is one great bible teaching loving church.
Lea Patterson testimonials image
Lea Patterson
Our Church is one of the most welcoming that I’ve ever seen. I don’t think anyone who attends one service will ever leave thinking that they weren’t welcomed by the members.
Max Wimp testimonials image
Max Wimp
After a week out in the "world" I love that I can be recharged by wise words from Pastor Brett and Pastor Linda. Wonderful music from the Worship Team and the excitement they show while singing and shining on their instruments. The Kids Church Team and watching the children eager to go downstairs is amazing. I love how new visitors are welcomed into the fold. The "foodie ladies" do an amazing job with yummy goodies on Sunday mornings. I love this church.
Carole Budd testimonial image
Carole Budd
I love the fellowship, activities, and family atmosphere. I love the opportunities for Bible Study and learn more about Jesus, through the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible. And the music is Awesome!
Valerie Gehlen testimonials image
Valerie Gehlen
It's REAL and Non Judgmental
Derik Wright testimonial image
Derik Wright