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Burundi Ministry

Freedom Motorcycle Church Children Reaching Goals

Vickie Reynen, Missionary to Africa

First it was 12,000. Then 16,000. And now it’s up to 19,000. 19,000 WHAT? – 19,000 meals for children in Burundi, from the children attending Freedom Motorcycle Church (a Free Methodist congregation in Rapid City, SD).

Group photo of Freedom Motorcycle Church Children

Since 2019 the children have been taking up a weekly offering, bringing coins and bills, tallying up the amount at the end of their service to see how much closer they are towards their goal. The very first year they actually surpassed their goal by an additional 728 meals. The more they give, the more they challenge themselves to give. 

As of June, they’re already a little over the half-way mark – having collected enough for 11,019 meals. In addition to their continued weekly offerings and special giving during their upcoming VBS (scheduled for July 12-16) will certainly help them reach, if not exceed, the anticipated total of 19,000 meals for this year.  

While they may not remember the ingredients of Busoma (the cereal being distributed in Burundi), they do remember to bring their change and they know it is helping provide vulnerable children with a nutritious meal. Recently the Freedom Church children learned that Haiti and India also benefit from food funds and that in 2020, a total of 789,250 meals were delivered to children in  Burundi, Haiti and India.

When the goal has been met, there’s a party to celebrate … and then they consider what the next goal should be!  What a blessing to know that as the goal continues to increase, even more children will benefit!

A Big thank you to the children, parents and Sunday School teachers/leaders at the Freedom Motorcycle Church for their continued support of the Burundi Food Fund!